Boise Fun pt. 2

Well, it’s been a few weeks, but now that finals are over, and I’m finally going to do things that are fun and not boring, I’m writing another article about Boise! I’m heading to Seattle with my girl friends in less than a week, so before you get that article about how awesome Seattle is and where I loved to visit, here’s a Part II of Places to Visit in Boise, since I had some that I missed from last time!


  1. Papa Joe’s– Yes, I’m starting off with food again. Of course. I just recently went to Papa Joe’s on a little date night with my cute boyfriend and it is the most picture-perfect place! It’s warm and inviting and makes you feel like you’re at home! Their food is superb and you feel like you’re at your Italian Grandma’s house, having a nice, home cooked meal with the person you love.
  2. Tamales– There’s this Tamale person at the Boise Farmer’s market who is there every weekend, and I don’t know their names, or if they have a company title or anything like that, but they’re arguably the best tamales I’ve ever had in my existence.
  3. Spirit of Boise– There’s this really cool event that Boise puts on every year called the Spirit of Boise, where they have all these different creators and owners of all these different, colorful, and radiant hot air balloons, and it’s basically a giant hot-air balloon festival where you can go and ride the balloons, and see all the colors.
  4. Boise Capitol– The Boise Capitol is one of the coolest, and prettiest places. It has tons of Boise history as well as lovely views.
  5. Rhodes Skate Park Rhodes is a new addition to Boise and is super cool. Although I’m not much of a skateboarder, or a fan, really, they host lots of cool events, and are even hosting an ESPN event with BMX bikers in June.
  6. Biking– Speaking of biking, Boise has bikes all around the city that you can rent out for cheap and ride around to see all the different sites and views around Boise (and go grab a bite to eat, of course!) Not to mention, Boise is an EXTREMELY bike-friendly place. 
  7. Moon’s Kitchen Cafe– I went to Moon’s one morning after I had had a rough morning and their food seriously made me feel ten times better. They have the cutest seating arrangements and the greatest tasting food! (their Philly Cheesesteaks are the!)
  8. The Creperie– I discovered this place with my girly friends after seeing a movie one day. It’s right over by the IMax theatre a little bit away from downtown. There’s two guys that work there together who were joking around with my girlfriends and me and made us the best tasting crepes you could possibly find in Idaho.
  9. Wiseguy Pizza– This is another place I went on a date and I loved it! They have all sorts of crazy and different pizzas that taste oh-so-good and really hit the spot! Their little restaurant is the perfect place to eat and spend some Q.T. with good company, not to mention, eating some delicious pizza.  
  10. Julia Davis– I went on a date here too, but with my dad this time. It was the summertime and we checked out the flower garden and walked around the park. It’s basically a really, really, really, small version of Central Park.
  11. Bam Jam– Bam Jam is an event that Boise puts on every summer. They shut down the streets around the Capitol and put up basketball hoops and food trucks everywhere. It’s basically a giant basketball tournament all around Downtown Boise.
  12. Rockies Diner– Last one, and of course I went on a date here as well. This diner is seriously the bee’s knees. It’s made to look like an old diner from the 60’s with the waitresses rolling around on rollerblades and serving you American-Style food. One of the cutest places I’ve ever eaten!



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