Boise is Fun?!?

For my first ‘travel’ post, I figure I’ll write about the place I’m most familiar with and grew up in for a majority of my life- good ol’ Boise, Idaho. I’ve hated on Idaho basically the entire time I’ve lived here. It’s small, the drivers are mediocre at best, and the only things it’s known for is potatoes. So why would anyone want to visit Boise? After years of living here, it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Not to mention, it was rated #2 best place to live by Forbes. Really, it’s a gorgeous place. For nature lovers, you really couldn’t be in a better place. However, I’m not much of a nature lover, or an outdoorsy person at all, really. So if you’re visiting Boise, here are some places I recommend if you don’t want to deal with the bugs or the dirt or anything of that sort.


  1. The Record Exchange- One of my favorite places in Downtown Boise is the Record Exchange. If you like music at all even a little bit, this place is seriously awesome. Not to mention all the fun trinkets and toys you can find in there.
  2. Hawkins Pac-Out- Hands down has some of the best burgers ever. Not only that, but their fries are superb too. If you’re looking for some quality food and a super cute burger joint, Hawkins is the way to go.
  3. Fanci-Freez- So a majority of these are eating places, but there’s nothing better than eating so I don’t know why anyone would complain. Not to mention, I’m a master eater so you can take my word for it. Anyways, Fanci-Freez has some of the best shakes I’ve ever had. It’s cute, and it’s local.
  4. Guru Donuts- An Idaho based donut company, they have some of the coolest, most creative, and best tasting donuts you’ll ever have.  
  5. The Egyptian Theatre- Always has something fun going on. They do lots of nights where they play old movies and put on different, artsy shows.
  6. Rediscovered Bookshop- On 8th Street is the most darling little bookstore. For a big book nerd like me, they always have great new books, and some obscure books that you can’t find anywhere else.
  7. Capital City Public Market/ Boise Farmer’s Market- There’s nothing better to me than fresh foods, crafts, and people collaborating over their shared love of these things. Open in the Spring/Summer.
  8. Treefort Boise- Musicians of all sorts get together and spend an entire week in March performing at different venues around Downtown Boise. Live music. Sweaty people. What could be better?
  9. District Coffee House- SUPER cute coffee house in Downtown Boise. If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing/ insta-worthy place, this is the coffee house for you. Also, it’s super warm and cozy and has live music sometimes which is neat.
  10. Camel’s Back Park- I know I said I wouldn’t do anything outdoorsy, but it’s like a small hill and a park. I love Camel’s Back because the hike up the hill is actually pretty satisfying and way high up if you’re looking for a good workout.
  11. Table Rock- Yeah, another ‘outdoorsy thing’ but Table Rock hardly counts as a real hike. You can drive all the way up to the top and then walk a few meters to see the view. One of my favorite places to go in the summer and have picnics, or watch the sunset. You can see the entirety of Boise and the Valley and it’s pretty priceless.
  12. Idaho State Penitentiary- Right below Table Rock, lies the old Idaho State Pen. that’s rumored to be haunted. Not only is it super cool, (and creepy?) but it’s got tons of history, so a big history nerd (like myself) would die a little (of joy).  
  13. Botanical Gardens- Next to the State Pen. are the Botanical Gardens. During Christmas time, they have super gorgeous lights, and in the spring, the flowers are lovely.
  14. Hyde Park- Another insta-worthy place, right near Camel’s Back Park, it’s like it’s own little town. There’s a great playground, with cute buildings, an annual street fair, in the Historic District of Boise. Plus, Goody’s Ice Cream is to die for.
  15. Big City Coffee- One of my favorite places in Downtown Boise, by far. I’ve never even had their coffee, their food is just amazing. It’s right on the edge of downtown, with cute decor, a cozy, homey feeling, and like I said, GREAT food.
  16. Messenger’s Pizza- It’s in Nampa, not Boise. But Messenger’s has some of the best pizza, is run by some amazing people, with a warm atmosphere, great music, and awesome.. AWESOME pizza.


The cool thing about Boise, no matter how small, is you can always find something to. It’s always an adventure and the people are incredible. Boise is definitely somewhere you can call home.


Note: If you’re looking for more outdoor adventures in Idaho, check out TrailBound Brothers or TrailMob.

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