How Does Seattle Sound? (Answer: Puget)

Well, it’s overdue, but let me just tell you about my trip to Seattle because it was an EXPERIENCE to say the least (in a good way.) We got to Seattle in the early afternoon, after flying in, and we took the light rail 40 minutes to downtown seattle. First of all, let me tell you about the hotel because it was G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S!! We stayed at The Hyatt at Olive 8 right in downtown. I got really excited while I was getting everything booked and stuff for our trip. We got this hotel on a discount through Priceline and we booked it for like $200/night (its original price was upwards of $400!!) It had a high view, looked out on the city. Not to mention, the bathroom had the perfect lighting for doing makeup and/or taking selfies!

After arriving at our hotel, and having only eaten airplane peanuts that morning, we went to lunch at the most superb sandwich shop in downtown, just off of 4th ave. called Potbelly sandwiches. We carried our food back to 6th and sat and ate in a little concrete park filled with people played giant chess and foosball matches, and a guy practicing his karate moves. We then marched our little touristy selves all the way down to 1st to go to Pike’s Market. A fun fact about Seattle- right around Pike’s Market is where Seattle became so deteriorated as it was being built. It sunk into the earth and the seattleites built on top of it a new city. So, there’s actually an underground city that was built pre-1950 and you can go tour the underground city of Seattle.

We went to a very small bookstore with too many books for the amount of shelves they had, the fish market, the gum wall, where we marked our territory with some blue 5 gum. Following that, we went to the pier, and a small park, and finally attempted to make the treacherous journey back up what seemed like the mountain of 1st ave. to 4th ave. Seriously, it’s so steep I was breathing harder than someone who just ran a 5k. We got a little disoriented on our way back up, and ended up a few blocks away from the street our hotel was on. Thus, instead of being sensible and just googling where we needed to go, we decided we could figure it out, and then ended up in the Seattle Art Museum. It was fascinating and had interesting artwork that my 12 year old brother could have probably done. Nonetheless, it was fun and interesting.

After leaving, and walking in the opposite direction of our hotel, we made it back, and, since our feet felt like they were going to fall off, we went for a swim and spa session in the hotel. Then, we ordered chinese food, and breadsticks, and watched cheesy nighttime television, did face masks, ate too much food, and went to sleep.

After the eventful day 1 that we had, we figured maybe day 2 would be less hectic and crazy, but we were very wrong. We had purchased a sights package online for Seattle prior to our trip, and were going to use them. The package included a trip to the Space Needle, the Chihuly Glass Gardens, a Monorail Pass, a ticket to The Aquarium, and a Ferry Ride to Bainbridge Island- for only $64!! We started off the morning with a luxurious breakfast at McDonald’s, and then walked ourselves to The Space Needle. (where we got to skip the big lines and go straight to the top) After bumping into tourists of all kind, and almost dropping our phones off the top of the 605 foot tall Space Needle, we headed to the Glass Gardens right next to the Space Needle. To say the Glass Gardens was incredible would be an understatement. It’s all artwork made purely out of glass by this guy named Chihuly and it was absolutely incredible to see. There was artwork placed vicariously throughout an outdoor garden filled with vibrant flowers, all the colors of the rainbow, and trees shading the pathway as you walked. After we left, we decided to take the monorail to the pier area. There, we stopped to get some fish and chips and sit by the water as we fed the seagulls our french fries. We went to the aquarium after that, and finally, my favorite part of the day, we walked and just BARELY made it onto the ferry in time to take us to Bainbridge Island. It was about a 30 minute ride and when we got there, it was close to 7 p.m. and most little shops on the island were closed. We walked about a half mile to this little beachy area and walked down to the water. The water was frigid, but all around our feet were little anemone and clam shells. We walked a bit further down underneath of a dock and took pictures when we noticed there was water being shot up at us from the sand. TUrns out, it was clams underneath the sand and shallow water, shooting water up at us. We got back on the ferry (after running, since we almost missed it for the second time.) and made it back to the city where we LYFTed (our feet were D-E-A-D) back to our hotel. To finish out our night, we got dressed up and went to Blueacre Seafood for some excellent (and very expensive) crab and pasta.

To end our trip, we went to tour the ABC affiliate station in Seattle- KOMO. It was interesting and really fun to see and witness how other stations do it. We got to the airport and made it back home.

Despite how much I had planned the execution of our trip and had kind of a set schedule, we still had time and freedom to do the things we had planned as well as adventure and find new, interesting things to do that we wouldn’t have otherwise put into our itinerary. And to be honest, starting off my set of adventures with my best girlfriends (minus one) in Seattle, couldn’t have turned out any better.

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