June Ipsy Review

I’m back! And I’m trying something new. I started this whole thing as just a travel blog. But I want it to be so much more than that! It’s Keely’s World and I want to share all of my experiences! Even the silly ones. So, I’m going to start doing little makeup and clothes hauls. I’m no makeup expert or fashionista but I do my best. I also subscribe to Ipsy and get makeup in the mail every month and it’s so fun! There’s something about tracking a package online and having it delivered to your work so when you get up in the morning, you’re excited to go to work and get your cute, pink little package of makeup magic. Well, I got my beautiful pink package today and was so excited I had to share it with all of you! As a side note, I posted all the videos of my makeup on my instagram @world.keely so feel free to follow and look because I occasionally post pictures and videos on there when I do cool stuff as well.

Anyways, here’s my makeup haul. I got

  • Beauty For Real Gold Eyeliner
  • City Colour Green Shimmer Shadow
  • NYX Whipped Fouette Lip and Cheek Butter
  • theBALM Balm Springs Blush
  • BioRepublic Face Masks

As soon as I got my package, I ran to our makeup room at work to test out my new items. The eyeliner was so smooth and so pretty and lasts really long/ well. I tested it on my hand, and then lined my eye with it, and my waterline as well. (Which involved stabbing myself in the eye with said eyeliner. Like I said, not a makeup guru.) I also used the green shimmer shadow on my lid, lining the crease of my eye with it. It is soooooo pigmented and comes out so nicely and smoothly. I also used the Balm Springs blush on the apples of my cheeks. I didn’t realize how pigmented it was and had to blend it quite a bit, but it works really well, and a little goes a VERY long way! Following that, I applied the Cheek and Lip color to just my lips and realized it’s both one of the  prettiest colors I’ve ever used on my lips, and one of the softest and most moisturizing. 

Later, when I got home from work, my boyfriend and I tried the face masks out together, to discover that they made both of us break out really bad. Which, is virtually the point. They are designed to pull all the dirt to the front of the skin (as far as I’ve heard). Nonetheless, I liked the way it felt when I had it on, but didn’t so much like the result.

UPDATE: I realized theBALM Balm Springs Blush was the same brand as a bronzer I use that I really like. theBALM brand has quickly become one of my favorites.

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