Organization? What’s That??


Okay. Can we just talk about organization for a second? Because seriously, I have been clawing at any sort of organization I can possibly find in my life in an order to not feel like my life is falling to complete shambles and spiraling out of control. It sounds dramatic, I know. But organization is my solace. I know a lot of people can relate to wanting some organization in what seems like a chaotic, and often busy, messy life. And I’m here to provide some inspiration for your much needed/ wanted organization.

Organizing via Planner: One thing I’ve sworn by for the past three or four years has been a planner. I go through planners so quickly. Not to mention, they make such cute ones, it’s hard to not want to own an adorable planner to keep your life together. I currently use a “Happy Planner” that I got for my birthday. At the front, I keep pages and little separators so my planner also acts as a note taker. I have categories like: “Budgets”, “Lists”, “Things to Do”, and “Blog Ideas”, with my actual planner at the caboose of it. Another thing I like about this planner is that it came with all separate pieces so that I could customize it and personalize it to make it my own. Having a planner saves me from going completely crazy. I write down every single birthday, daily plan, and even pay day dates so I am never questioning dates or worrying that I’m forgetting something. I ALWAYS write it down.

Documentation: That’s another big thing, is never relying on your memory, but rather writing everything down so as not to forget. Have a big meeting, event, or activity that you don’t want to forget? Write it down. Seriously. It doesn’t even need to be in a notebook or anything, setting a reminder on your phone, or jotting down some quick thoughts, notes, or ideas can save you from going crazy. Personally, I prefer physically writing things down, because I feel like it helps me remember it better because of the physical act of writing, but, to each their own.

Categorizing: What’s more fun than separating things into different categories?? I feel like this is one of the most basic, and important parts of organizing is having a special place, or category for everything. If everything has somewhere to go, it’ll be easier to find, and much more neat

Journaling: I also want to talk about journaling for a quick second. Sometimes, I feel like I have way more ideas than can possibly fit in my brain at once, and this makes me feel very hectic and cluttered, and busy, even if there’s nothing really going on. That’s why I like to journal. I feel like a hypocrite for preaching the importance of journalism, because so often I will start a journal and then get “too busy” to continue with it. But after time and time again that this has happened, I’ve realized journaling and writing down my thoughts is really what helps keep me sane. What I’ve come to start doing, is keeping a small journal by my bed. This is what I use to write down my thoughts when I wake up in the morning, and what I use to write down my thoughts from the day before I go to bed at night. This helps clear my mind, and that way I have fewer thoughts swirling away in my brain. Plus, if I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep, (which happens often.) I can use that as a good time to write in my journal to help comfort myself and feel better. The second thing I do, with a different journal, (and quite possibly one of my favorites; it has waterproof pages in case my messy self spills all over my paper, no harm is done.) is document my goals, memories, projects, ideas, joy, and life. I have turned it into somewhat of a bullet journal, since the pages are completely blank, I can turn them into whatever I want and journal my little life away. Again, doing this helps me feel less chaotic and more coordinated in my day to day life.

Focus on One Thing at a Time: As a segway, speaking of chaos, an important thing in life, that has taken me far too long to learn, is that I should focus on only one thing at a time. If I am constantly worrying about Thought 1, Thought 2, Thought 3, and Thought 47, nothing will get done. Or at least, nothing will get done well. Being able to calm down and focus on one thing at a time, or one object at a time can save you undesired stress, and unnecessary disarray of your thoughts and tasks. Lastly,

Stick to Dates: One thing that always makes me feel particularly terrible, or disordered, is cancelling plans for no reason. It’s understandable if something comes up, or you’re sick, or so be it. But just not doing things that I plan or cancelling certain dates can make me feel like I have failed at the task at hand and create more chaos and discord than anything else.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Let me know in the comments some of your favorite ways to stay organized, and to feel like a happy, healthy, glowing person!

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