August Ipsy Review

Well, I got my beautiful pink IPSY package this week, and was so excited I had to share it with all of you! As a side note, I posted all the videos of my makeup on my instagram @world.keely so feel free to follow and look because I occasionally post pictures and videos on there when I do cool stuff as well.

Anyways, here’s my makeup haul. I got

  • TheBalm ‘TheBalm Voyage Vol.2’ Eyeshadow
  • Makeup Forever Mascara
  • Secret Key Nature Recipe Sheet Mask Duo
  • Hikari Cosmetics Shimmer Bronzer in Blush
  • Hey Honey Face Scrub

I’ve developed a type of routine; whenever my little IPSY bag arrives, (I get it delivered to my work.) I go straight to our dressing room and try everything out so I can post about it on my instagram. It’s one extra little special thing that makes going to work a little exciting. Not to mention, I totally was in love with my bag this month so it was extra thrilling. Let me just start off by talking about TheBalm eyeshadow because I am absolutely blown away by these products. I’ve received two other TheBalm products in my previous IPSY bags and the quality is outstanding. This eyeshadow definitely lived up to its predecessors. It was a champagne-type color and I used both as an eyeshadow and a little highlight and was just absolutely blown away. I would 100% recommend ANY TheBalm product. Moving on to my Makeup Forever mascara; I love this mascara. It gives my eyelashes incredible volume, without looking too fake or spider-y. Not to mention Makeup Forever’s stupendous record of having quality makeup products. I have yet to use my sheet masks, since I plan on using them on my trip. I will update this once I use them. Let’s talk about the Hikari product. It came as a color combo- it had two different pink colors, and then a bronze color. I’ve used the pinks as eyeshadows and blush and have absolutely loved it so far. The bronze color is stunning and gives off a sparkle that makes it stand out a little extra. Lastly, I used the Hey Honey face scrub today and IMMEDIATELY fell in love. I had a minor breakout right by my hairline and was really freaking out, and decided to use some of the face scrub. You just rub it into your skin until it all soaks in and it BLESSED my skin!! It honestly cleared it up quite a bit and I was extremely excited.

I got the best ipsy package this month and everything in it was amazing. Again, don’t forget to follow my instagram (I follow back!) @world.keely and follow/ like my facebook page, World of Keely. Until next time!


On another note, I leave for Europe in 3 days and I am the most excited I’ve ever been in my entire life. That’s all.

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