How To Transfer A Summer Wardrobe To An Autumn Wardrobe

One of my biggest struggles is transferring my wardrobe from summer into autumn. I know, I know, it’s such a first world problem. But it is truly one of the trickiest things when it comes to this time of year. First of all, the weather is so unexpected everyday, and you don’t know if you can wear something breezy without freezing to death, or something warm and cozy without dying of heat exhaustion. I always get so excited when the fall season comes around until I realize that I don’t have any fall clothes because I spent all my shopping and money on summer clothes. Luckily, I’ve discovered a few ways to transfer a summer wardrobe into a fall wardrobe without spending too much money.

Now, please note that most of these items mentioned, I already own from previous seasons, since I haven’t grown since eighth grade, I can keep a lot of clothes that are still cute and relatively timeless. A lot of them are also clothes I took from my mom’s closet because she’s the one who developed my initial love for clothes, after all.

The most important thing to remember is that you DON’T have to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe, and if you don’t have something I mention, you can always substitute it for something else. The amazing thing about clothes is that they’re so interchangeable, which is something that took me a very long time to learn. You can use the same items for completely different outfits, which is what makes style and fashion so fun.

My fall fashion essentials include:

  • Knitted, or otherwise comfy sweaters
  • Cardigans (I LIVE for cardigans!)
  • Jackets, be it jean jackets, or leather jackets, etc.
  • Tights and/or leggings
  • Boots, obviously.
  • Scarves. A scarf can COMPLETELY transform an outfit. Plus, it keeps you all warm and snuggly.

Considering the drastic weather that can accompany this autumn weather, a favorite thing to do, is to layer. In the mornings when it’s frigid and unbearable, a scarf, cardigan, or both, can help keep you nice and toasty. Then, when things start to warm up in the afternoon, if they warm up at all, you can take off your layers and still look fab.

Your closet doesn’t have to do a complete 180 in order to be ready for fall. In fact, things like jean jackets, any fun accessories, flats, and bright colors can stay! All you need is a little fall cardigan and you’re good to go!

Your favorite summer blouse that is too cute to not wear this fall? Add a dark jean jacket to it in order to give it a cozier, and more autumn like vibe. Those adorable tank tops from July don’t have to go away! Add a leather jacket and a scarf to it and suddenly it’s your favorite FALL tank top! That gorgeous summer dress you got to beat the heat? Throw on an oversized cardigan and some boots and suddenly you’re snug as a bug. Sad you have to hide your summer skirts? Worry no more. Give it a touch of fall by wearing an oversized, chunky sweater and your favorite fall booties and voila! Little black dresses for your warm nights out this summer? They don’t have to go anywhere! Give it some black tights and boots, with a fun scarf and you’re good to go. Even your little white dress from spring time doesn’t have to go anywhere! All you need is some fun colored leggings or tights, a cozy sweater, and some boots and now you’re the cutest and coziest all in one! And don’t forget, all those casual tank tops can be worn under a comfy button up!

Another thing that helps bring a fall touch to your outfit can include a scarf, chunky necklace, long socks, or a dark, fall lipstick. Adding one of these can completely tie your most autumnal outfit together, and make you feel like a pinterest queen!

Don’t give up on those spring and summer pieces! All you need is a chunky sweater and now it’s a fall outfit! Yay for chunky sweaters and yay for fall!


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