A Tribute To Delilah

I’ve decided to go forth and bring yet another category of blogging onto my blog. I will be titling it ‘A Good Thing’. I love to write about all things under the sun, but one thing I like to pay extra special attention to is the good that surrounds us all the time. It may not seem like it all the time, since often times, it feels the world is in such turmoil and distress, and surrounded by so much evil that we cannot see the good. I hope with this section of my blog, as I hope with all sections, is that I can bring a ray of hope, or some light to someone’s life, and some happiness to someone’s otherwise tumultuous life. So today I am writing a tribute to Delilah. No, not The Plain White T’s’ Delilah, but the popular radio host, who has stations reaching all around the United States.

I have so many memories of listening to her show for hours. Her sweet, silky voice put all my troubles at ease and made me feel like everything was going to be okay, no matter what my young-minded self was worried about at the time. One of my favorite times to listen was right around Thanksgiving time, because that’s when the Christmas music would start up. I have a few very vivid memories of myself sitting with our home telephone in hand, listening to the radio, just TRYING to get ahold of Delilah during Christmastime so I could be featured on her station. I never got through, but that didn’t stop me from being a devoted fan.

Now, years later, hers is still the station I turn to during Christmas Time, and on a particularly long night, when I just want to hear some good music, and listen to Delilah’s advice. However, she may now be the one who needs the love. If news has not yet reached you, dear reader, whoever you may be, Delilah’s son passed away this last week after taking his own life.

Depression is now globally felt by more than 300 million people of all ages, according to The World Health Organization. I am one of many who suffers from a mental illness and what is the most hurtful thing about it all is that oftentimes, mental illness is overlooked or brushed off as someone just ‘being too sad’. I have friends and family alike who have suffered from mental illnesses and there needs to be more recognition of that, so we can get our loved ones the help that we need!

Delilah opened up about her son’s death, saying that he was getting treated and was trying to do better. Although she didn’t say much about her son’s death, Delilah did mention that her son was becoming happier and trying to get better up until his very last day. She has since taken a break from her radio hosting in order to grieve.

Delilah’s son, Zachariah was one of many children of Delilah’s. She has adopted children, and had children of her own. This loss is one that will be felt by many by all of the friends and family of Zachariah, and all of the people supporting Delilah and her family.

Suicide is never pretty and is something that should not be glorified, but should be taken seriously. For many people, this is the only way out of a seemingly too dark world. As heartbreaking as this is, there are ways YOU can help! Be kind to everyone you see. Think of someone other than yourself. Share your happiness, be a lending hand, a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on. Friends of Zachariah’s made many comments that he was always the kindest young man, and was always helping someone else. Be selfless, grateful, and loving. The world needs kindness like that. No more evil, no more hatred and no more anger. This world is too good for that. We are too good for that, and most importantly, YOU are too good for that. Go out into the world and spread all the love you can.

This is to you Delilah. Thank you for your constantly loving words, and reassurance to listeners far and wide. You have the support of hundreds and thousands.

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