How To Feel Good on Days You Don’t Feel Good

Okay, now that the weather is getting darker and the sun is leaving us sooner (if it’s even out at all), it’s time to get cozy. But more importantly, it’s time to stay happy! When the sun starts going away, it’s pretty typical for people’s seasonal depression to start showing its face more. I know that’s certainly the case for me; and no matter how much I insist I love Autumn/ Winter, which, I do, there’s still a little part of me that just misses the sunshine and the natural vitamins we can receive from it. Even if you don’t suffer from seasonal depression, or any mental illness of any kind, we all have bad days, or wake up on the wrong side of the bed. So here are some of my most tried and true tricks to staying positive, even when it’s hard.


  • Dress Your Best! Nothing makes me feel better than when I get dressed really nice. There’s just something about it that spikes that little bit of confidence in me to help me get through the day.
  • Eat Well! When you’re not eating healthily, and your body isn’t getting the nutrients you need, it’s pretty typical of your body to turn against you (how rude!) and make you feel pretty bad. Whether that be feeling bloated, icky, or just plain bad, junk food has a way of making you feel good and then feel really bad. On another note,
  • Treat Yourself To Some Treats! I know, contradictory, but sometimes something as simple as a little bit of chocolate, or some good sweets can be the perfect pick-me-up for a rough day. Speaking of,
  • Treat Yourself To Something Nice. Don’t go all out and kill your credit card on shopping, but maybe some retail therapy, or a spa day can help turn your bad day into a less bad day. I know a new pair of shoes always makes me feel all bubbly inside.
  • Love Others. I know how hard it can be to be kind to other people when you yourself don’t even feel good. But lifting up others can and will in turn lift you up as well! Watching other people be happy because of something you did is such a warm and rewarding feeling.
  • Take Some Time Away From The Screens. Trust me, I know how hard this can be. But sometimes putting down your phone, laptop, or other device and just enjoying some quiet time can be pretty healing.
  • Do Some Yoga or Meditation. I have a yoga mat that I don’t use as much as I should, but pulling it out every once in awhile and just stretching out my muscles can be so relaxing!
  • Listen To Your Favorite Music! To me, nothing is better that listening to an amazing song, and the effect it has on your mood. No matter what your music choice may be, a good song can be just the thing to pull you out of your bad mood, or sad feelings.
  • Write Down Things That Make You Happy! This may seem super cliche and silly, but sitting down and thinking of things that make you happy can trigger good memories, and help you remember that your bad days won’t last.
  • Take Some Time To Exercise. I hate this one. I really do. Getting the motivation to get up and work out is literally so difficult for me. But once I do it, I feel 10x better. Exercising can release endorphins and put your brain and body in a better mood.
  • Make Some Me Time!! This one gets two exclamation marks because it’s soooooo important! Everyone needs some time to themselves. Even if it’s only 20 minutes of solid me time. That being said, I know those minutes can be few and far between, but things can be put on hold if necessary. You matter and need some personal time to feel good.


That’s it folks! I know that some bad days just can’t be overcome and depression can’t just be solved by suddenly being happy, but I hope these help on rough days nonetheless!  

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