T is for Thankful

As Thanksgiving is upon us, I’ve been flooded by memories of Thanksgivings past. Every year, all the attending family members go around the table, talking about the things that we are thankful for. Most of the answers are pretty basic- a roof over my head, clothes, a job, etc. But this year, I’ve been overwhelmed with lessons learned, and the ability to truly live my best life. I am so thankful this year for an array of people, places, and things, and I want to share that with all of you.

  • First of all, I’m incredibly thankful toward every single person that has made this blog possible. My amazing Aunt Joeli inspired me to do most of the great things I did this year, including pushing me to go to Europe. Not only that, but she’s spent so much of her own time and effort helping me build logos and fix my blog to make it look as lovely as it does today. I am incredibly thankful for all of the hard work she put into something that I am passionate about. It’s because of her that I’m able to have even half of what I do on this site. So I am thankful for her help, and for yours, for reading my posts, and for every single person that has inspired me, and supported me in this endeavor of writing about my life. Thank you all so much for your constant love, support, and encouragement.
  • I am beyond grateful for the experiences I’ve had this year. I have been through a lot in the last eleven months, from break-ups, to crazy trips, and everything in between, I haven’t learned as much in my life as I have this year. Despite all of the obstacles and trials that have come my way this year, I am grateful for all of them because they’ve made me into a better, more loving, and more knowing person. Without it, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today and so I am grateful for the trials given, and the lessons learned.
  • As cliche as it is, I am so grateful for my family. They have supported me, despite my downfalls and have pushed me to be better and to grow as a person. I’m not perfect, but they’ve loved me regardless and I can never pay any of them back for the love they’ve shown me.
  • Another important one, I’m BEYOND grateful for my opportunity to travel. Seeing the world, and learning about the earth I live on has given me an entirely new perspective on life. Being immersed in culture, food, and incredible people has been the opportunity to enjoy life like never before. Not to mention, I’ve met so many amazing people through my travels, who are kind, beautiful, and wonderful people, who generally just make the world a better place, and certainly make my life better. Traveling has been the best thing to happen to me.
  • I am so thankful for the chance I’ve had to teach dance. I teach two classes, with kids who range in the 3-5 years of age. These kids truly light up my life and make my days so much brighter. Their sweet souls and countless funny moments never fail to make me smile, and being able to impact these little humans’ lives is something special indeed.
  • In lieu of talking about dance, I am also incredibly grateful for music. Music has always played a huge role in my life, and has helped me through the worst of times. It’s a love my dad and I share. The power of good music carries with you, and I am so thankful that I grew up listening to good music, and am still able to have such an appreciation for it.
  • Lastly, I just want to show some love to all of my close friends and family who have been there for me throughout the years and have lifted me up and helped encourage me in the worst of times. Thank you to all of you for your wonderful spirit and sweet soul. You all rock.


Happy Thanksgiving all, and thanks to every single one of you who have shown your support to me and my writing.

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