Travel/How To: Pack A Carry-On

Okay folks. I just finished packing my bags for my trip to New York, and wanted to share my packing techniques with all of you!! I’ve had quite a few people ask me to write about packing- one of the most tedious and frustrating thing, but I’ve come to be a bit of an expert; so, here are a few packing tips to fit everything into a carry-on suitcase and avoid those costly checked bag fees!

The maximum dimensions for a carry on bag are 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches. This is the size I always use, so that’s the size I’ll be writing about today.

For this particular trip, I will be there for five days, so, I’ll be packing approximately five outfits, plus some. If I was there for three days, I would pack three outfits, and so on and so forth.

Here is everything I’m bringing:

  • Shoes:
    • 1 Pair of Black Flats
    • 1 Pair of Tennis Shoes
    • 1 Pair of Black Boots
    • 1 Pair of Brown Boots
    • 1 Pair of Nice Heels
  • Bottoms:
    • 1 Pair of Black Pants
    • 1 Pair of Colored Pants
    • 1 Pair of Comfy Pants
    • 2 Pairs of Jeans
  • Tops:
    • 2 Tee Shirts
    • 2 Blouses
    • 2 Button-Ups
    • 1 Sweater
    • 1 Cardigan
  • Other:
    • 1 Jacket
    • 1 Peacoat (to stay warm)
    • 3 Undershirts
    • 3 Scarves
    • 1 Belt
    • 1 Nice Dress
  • Toiletries:
    • Makeup
    • Straightener
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Deodorant
    • Hairspray
    • Lotion
    • Perfume


So to start off, I like to pack my shoes first. I line them across the bottom of my bag. That way, they aren’t getting anything else dirty, and they act as a good base for the rest of the bag. You always want to put heavy things at the bottom of the bag.

Then, I pack my undergarments, my socks, and my scarves and accessories, as well as my toiletries. All of them except the liquids. I keep the liquids on top of everything else, since you have to take them out of your bag when you go through security. You can line the bottom of your bag with these items, and squeeze them in wherever they fit.

Next, I pack my bottoms. I like to use the rolling method when I pack. I roll my jeans up and pack them on the four sides of the suitcase, to even out the weight, and create room for everything else to go in the middle.

After I pack my bottoms, I use the same rolling method for all my tops, and squeeze them in between the bottoms, and kind of stack the shirts, and manipulate them to all fit where they can.

Lastly, I fold my dress (or whatever nice garments you may be bringing) and put them neatly on top of everything else. I did this with my jacket as well. As for my pea coat, I’m going to keep that out and just wear it with me so I don’t have to worry about the hassle of packing it.  Then, as I mentioned before, I pack my liquids on top of everything else and zip up my bag.

As for my personal bag, I’m going to take my phone charger, medicine, earphones, and other little trinket type things with me so I can have them with me at all times, without having to worry about grabbing them from my big carry on every time.

I also kept out a few things in my list, as an outfit to wear on the plane, that also counted toward one of my five outfits I take for the trip.

Some things to also keep in mind when packing your carry-on:

  • Keep your laptop/iPad/tablet on top of your luggage as well. They make you take it out when you go through security.
  • All liquids must be 3.4 fl. Oz. and must be able to fit in a clear, gallon size bag.

Other things I like to bring with me:

  • Earphones
  • Phone Charger
  • Advil/ Medicine
  • Fingernail file/ fingernail clippers
  • Wallet
  • ID
  • Cash
  • Important cards

I made a video of my packing experience. You can watch it here!

That’s all folks! Good luck packing, and enjoy your adventures!!

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