New York Trip Synopsis

Okay ladies and gents,

It’s been a HOT MINUTE since my last blog post. I’ve really been slacking so I’m sorry and I will make it up to you in the form of pictures, and fun stories from my New York trip last month. Buckle up your seat belts folks. This is a good one

First of all, let me start off by saying that New York was a dream come true for my wanderlusting, city-loving self. However, as all trips do, it had its downfalls.

1.JPG 2.jpg

We left Wednesday, November 29th. We had found out a few days prior that the ceremonial tree lighting in The Rockefeller Center was going to be the same day, so of course our excitement jumped quite a bit. We had a pretty early flight and I tried to sleep a bit on the plane. Nothing exciting happened on the plane, but a bit of turbulence. Overall our actual trip there was relatively uneventful. When we had originally done our research before the trip, we figured the best way to get from JFK Airport, to our hotel in New Jersey (yes, we stayed in New Jersey. Yes, Jersey is exactly how you would imagine it to be.) was to take an UBER or a LYFT to the hotel. This was our first, and ultimately most damaging mistake of the whole trip. Our original quote for the LYFT ride was close to $100 dollars. Split between my mom, my sister, and myself, this wouldn’t be terrible. We ordered the LYFT and made our way out of the airport. Our ride from the airport to the hotel was almost THREE HOURS… THREE!! By the time we had made it to our hotel, plus the tolls getting from New York into New Jersey, our LYFT ride came out to be almost $300, which is just absolutely insane! Then, once we tried to get from New Jersey back INTO the City, we had to take a bus, which dropped us off at Port Authority and then we would walk from there. Our hotel was only about 10 minutes away from the heart of the city, but really, it was closer to 45 minutes or an hour after traffic. However, I have a deep love for public transportation, so that part wasn’t terrible.



Eventually that night, we made it into Times Square, and while I wanted to eat only local cuisine, as I usually do when I go somewhere new, we ended up eating at McDonald’s before we made our way over to The Rockefeller Center for the tree lighting.

For anyone who is claustrophobic, New York is not the place for you, I’m sorry. For anyone who loves being shoulder to shoulder, chest to back with people, New York is your place, through and through. We were so closely packed together for the tree lighting it was insane. As amazing and cool as it was, the tree lighting itself was rather anticlimactic. Nonetheless, it was astounding and the time of my life. We spent a while after that exploring what downtown had to offer before we left for our hotel for the second time that day.


The next day, we had planned our day, focusing mainly on staying relatively close to the Times Square area. We started our morning off at Carlo’s Bakery before heading to the Red Stairs in Times Square. After that, we headed toward Sak’s Fifth Avenue, where I felt like royalty walking in there. After that was a small adventure in Central Park, and then we had to make our way back to our hotel for a bit to get ready to go to Broadway. We saw Phantom of the Opera that night. I cried tears of joy. It was amazing and magical, and one of the most stupendous things I’ve ever seen, in my entire 19 years of life.  








On Friday, we spent our morning in the Business District, touring around Ground Zero, and the 9/11 Memorial. It was moving, and heartbreaking, and sadly beautiful. After that, we took the subway to Brooklyn, to go to the Avocaderia, where everything is made out of, or made with avocados. As much as I love avocados, it wasn’t quite filling enough so I got some amazing street tacos to really top off my meal. We ran back to the subway and retreated back to Manhattan for a quick tour of The Empire State Building, and the 5th Avenue area, including the Rockefeller Center. We had made a stop at the tree in the Rockefeller Center when behind it, a light show began. Sak’s Fifth Avenue had lit up their entire building in Christmas magic, and seeing the grandiose tree, and the beautiful building lighting up the New York sky was really one of the most amazing and magical things I’ve ever witnessed.








Saturday was spent on the Staten Island Ferry, where we spent some time gazing at the Statue of Liberty. It was our last day in the city so we did all of our touristy shopping, and last minute exploring. That night, we didn’t sleep. We didn’t want to take another UBER or LYFT to the airport, so we took a bus from our hotel to Port Authority, and then a very long subway ride to the Queens area. Then, another bus, and an airtrain, before we finally arrived to JFK. Our flight wasn’t until 7 AM, and we were there at close to 2 AM. We got through security and found our gate, where I slept on the floor of the JFK airport.



I absolutely fell in love with New York City. It’s the city of dreams, and the city where people go to pursue their goals. It’s been the one place I’ve wanted to go for as long as I can remember, and getting to do that was just absolutely incredible.


Things I would do differently:

  1. Stay in the city, rather than in Jersey.
  2. Buy a subway pass
  3. Make some more time to take in the city and everything it has to offer.


Despite our few shortcomings, it was an amazing trip, where I learned so much, and got to see so many cultures at play all around me. Not to mention, I seriously love the subway!


That’s all for now. Enjoy folks.

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