The 5 Best Places to Get a Burger in Boise

You guys. Boise is one of the hidden treasures of the world. I’ve talked about it before- but it really is pretty incredible. One of my favorite things to do in Boise, when I’m not working or adventuring, is to eat; and Boise has an AMAZING selection of food.

I remember when I first got back from Europe, all I wanted was a huge, greasy burger. Luckily for me, Boise has some amazing places to choose from when it comes to that. So without further adieu, here are the Best Places to Get a Burger in Boise (or The Treasure Valley)

  1. Hawkins Pac-Out: Located right by Camel’s Back in Boise, Hawkins Pac-Out is my number one, absolute most favorite place to eat in Boise. Their burgers are delicious, but more importantly, their fries (and fry sauce) are out of this world! Plus, while you’re snacking on your meal, you get a lovely view of the mountains of Boise, and the Valley on the other side. One of the best places in the State… hands down.
  2. Rockies Diner: Right outside of Downtown Boise, Rockies Diner gives you an ‘Old-American’ feel, with amazing food. Not only do you get the experience of an authentic diner in the 50s and 60s, but the service is superb and all their food, including the burgers, are out of this world.
  3. Big Jud’s: The owner of Big Jud’s picked an amazing location when they decided to put the building right off of Boise State’s campus. Their burgers are great- and MASSIVE. And have a burger eating challenge, for anyone who is up for it.
  4. Fanci Freez: Okay, Fanci Freez is really more shakes than anything else, but their burgers are just SO GOOD! Plus, with a yummy strawberry (or whatever flavor you prefer) shake, some fries, and a beautiful downtown view, you really can’t go wrong here.
  5. Blazen Burgers: Okay so Blazen Burgers is located in Nampa, but they have truly some of the most amazing food in the Treasure Valley. They are a family owned business, right outside of Downtown Nampa, with burgers, fries, and ice cream. Not to mention, ice cream is only $1 between 8-10:30.

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