Sydney Trip Synopsis

Sydney is amazing. It’s an incredible mix of the bustling, exploding city life of New York, and the relaxed, sunny, and warm tropical life you would get on a beach or island. It is a melting pot for all sorts of people from all over the world, with different talents and skills and life stories.


I arrived in Sydney at the same time that their annual “Vivid Sydney” was happening. Vivid is a light show that the city of Sydney puts on every year to celebrate the history of Sydney and show off their beautiful city. The light show is also carbon friendly and does not waste energy, which is neat, considering the amount of lights that go into the show.


My first day was an adventure, getting accustomed to the city, and exploring my surroundings. I started off taking a train to Circular Quay (pronounced “kee”, not “kway” because, english.) which is where the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House sit. I ate breakfast at a small cafe on “The Rocks” and listened to the bustling city and the waves crash on the harbour next to me. From there, I walked to Barangaroo Wharf, which has a very L.A. type feel to it. It is very new and a bit of a business area. I ate gelato on the wharf and watched the boats go by. From there, I went to Bondi Beach and had a lunch of Fish and Chips on the beach. That night, I went to dinner at a new Italian Restaurant and watched the light show at Darling Harbour before retiring for the night.




My second day I was on my own, without my hosts (who so graciously showed me around the first day) so I took the train again to Circular Quay and walked to the city area where I shopped for a few hours and explored around one of the four story bookstores. While I was sitting in the train station, waiting for my train to take me home, a man approached me looking lost. He asked if I knew how to get to a certain train stop. I answered in my very American accent that although I didn’t know, I had a map and could help. I ended up sitting with the man on the train, and making sure he got off at the right station. He was from New Zealand and had a love for old cars. That night, I enjoyed a dinner with some family friends.



The next day, I was given a historic tour of the city of Sydney by my hosts’ family. It was a wonderful day, full of lots of walking, socializing, and learning all about Sydney’s rich history. I toured through Circular Quay, the Harbour Bridge, Botanical Gardens, and ended the tour at an art gallery before getting smoothies with a friend and taking the train back home, where I took the biggest nap of my life and had an amazing dinner.



The fourth day was one of my favorite days. I took a dance class at The Sydney Dance Company. The experience was amazing and exciting and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day. I learned choreography, and performed for the class at the end. After that, I had lunch on the pier by the Sydney Dance Co building. Later, I enjoyed a dinner at the The Sheds, and explored the Vivid lights that night around Circular Quay and the Botanical Gardens.



The following day, I had a wonderful girls’ day with my lovely host. We shopped, got pedicures, and ate a taco lunch. That night, I went out for burgers on Darling Harbour, rode the Ferris Wheel at night to see the lights, and enjoyed a firework show from afar

The next day was Saturday, and market day. I went to a few Saturday morning market, had more burgers for lunch and shopped for a bit. That night, I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life, when I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The entire climb, I was able to watch the whole city of Sydney light up, and it genuinely took my breath away.



Sunday was a very early morning. We were up early to road trip to Canberra (pronounced can-bruh), the capital of Australia. I saw a few kangaroos on our three hour drive. When we arrived in the city, we spent a few hours in the War Memorial before going to a lovely family lunch. That night, after we got home from Canberra, we went to a casino and spent a few hours gambling away money.


The last full day in the city, we took a ferry to Manly Beach. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love ferries?? They are one of my most favorite things!) Where we had lunch on the beach, and enjoyed the waves splashing on our feet. Later that night, my hosts made me all sorts of local food, like vegemite toasties. After that, I enjoyed a rooftop restaurant where we watched the lights one more time to cap off the trip.


Sydney was such a wonderful trip, where I learned so much, and experienced so many amazing things. The amazing city that is a melting pot of people was so fun to be around, and I can’t thank my hosts enough for their generosity.  

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