The Travelers’ Story

One on my favorite parts about traveling is meeting new people, and hearing their stories. People are so incredibly fascinating and traveling gives you opportunity to meet some amazing and unique people, wherever you go. Here are the stories of travelers I have met in my own journeys. 


When I was in  Sydney, I was sitting in a train station when a man approached me asking for directions. Obviously, I’m not a Sydney local, but I was able to help direct him to where he needed to go. We sat and chatted for a while, and shared a seat on the train where he told me his story. He was from New Zealand, and was meeting his best friends from high school in Sydney to celebrate the 50th birthday of his best mate. They had all stayed friends, despite distance, families, and jobs. He loved old cars and collected them when he could, although it was hard living so far away from countries that frequently exported old cars. He always dreamt about visiting America to see all the old cars that are around the country.


A few years back, when I was in Salt Lake City, I had taken the Tram way too far and ended up getting lost. I finally found the correct connecting TRAM and had about an hour ride back into the main city. On about the second or third stop, a mid-twenties man got on with a backpack and a bike. There was an open seat next to me and he took it. He was from the Midwest, almost Eastern part of the States, and had backpacked and biked all the way from his home-town to Salt Lake City. He was on his way to L.A. He quit his job back home and decided to take an adventure across the country.


In New York, my mom, sister and I had asked a friendly group of friends for directions. They were visiting from New Jersey for their usual weekend get together in the city. We met another group of women- a mom and her two daughters who were taking a trip together from down South.


On my flight home from Sydney, I sat next to a man who shared his music with me. He was a drummer of a band, (Escape The Fate) and had listened to me as I told him my story in life and me his. He had twins back home, and had played music for years. He and his band traveled together, but all lived in different parts of the United States. His kindness helped heal my loneliness I felt on the flight home.


Some of my favorite people, I met while in Europe. A group of sisters who had met up from all across the world to tour Europe together, a family from New Zealand who were taking their usual family trip, a couple who was on their honeymoon, and another celebrating an anniversary, a couple from Sydney who had a beautiful family back home and opened up seats for me so I never had to eat alone, and another couple from Sydney who I spent quite a bit of time with, and who helped make me feel safe and comfortable while I was in Europe. (Even helped me when I almost threw up in the Sistine Chapel!)


There is nothing more special or amazing to me than other people. I have met people who I love like my own family, and who I share special bonds with. Life is so amazing and this world is filled with so many magical and amazing people who lead incredible lives. I can’t wait for more big adventures, meeting amazing people!

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