California Trip Synopsis

In my early years of being alive and stuff, I made MANY blog pages. I would blog once or twice and then drop off the face of the earth and then make a new blog and blog once or twice and then the cycle would repeat. You get it.. Right? Anyways, when I created World of Keely, I SWORE that I would never do that. To be fair, I haven’t. Dropped off the face of the earth, that is. It’s just been a few months. Back in August, I had a whole plan to redo my blog website, and was gonna wait until I did that before I posted another blog. Anyway, we’re here, no blog update, and I want to write.

It’s cold outside, my office building is CONSTANTLY freezing, so I can’t wear cute dresses, and I just want some DANG SUNSHINE! So, I figured I’d finally recant my California trip details, in an effort to will the sunshine back into my life.


My trip was for my little brother, Zack’s birthday. I promised him a vacation and we landed on a trip to L.A. so we could see a baseball game and go to a roller coaster park. My trip also wouldn’t have been possible without my wonderful cousin who picked us up and spent the week with us.

We took off early in the morning, and made it into the LAX airport around noon. My cousin, Bethany, picked us up, and since check-in for our hotel wasn’t until three, we went to the Santa Monica Pier, where we watched passerby, dipped our toes in the ocean, looked at tourist shops, took pictures, ate lunch, and enjoyed some ice cream. We made it to our hotel after that, where we took a quick dip in the pool, and then got ready to go to a Dodger’s v. Giant’s game. I grew up watching baseball in Colorado, and hadn’t been to a professional game in a long time, so seeing the stadium, smelling the smells of dirt and hot dogs, and enjoying America’s favorite past time was a dream come true. Plus, Zack plays baseball and loves the sport, so taking him to a professional stadium to watch a game was truly magical. The game was amazing, and went into overtime, which was exciting. After that, we tried to Uber back to our parking spot. An Uber ride that should have only taken 10 minutes, tops, was about doubled because our driver got lost multiple times. Otherwise, our first day in California was incredible!



The second day, I had scored Zack and I tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm, and we had a blast! Bethany joined us and we spent the whole day exploring the park and riding all sorts of rides. I’m a pretty big adrenaline junkie, so the roller coasters, though terrifying, were so much fun! Knott’s Berry Farm was also good at having themes in the park, and continued an Old Western theme throughout, with actors interacting with the park guests, which added a very magical touch to the whole thing. By 5 or 6, we were totally pooped, and had ridden all the rides, so we went back home, grabbed some In ‘n Out (as you do in Cali) and sat by the pool before we climbed into bed after a very long, fulfilling, and totally thrilling day.


The third day, we decided to tour the beaches around the area. We spent the morning at Huntington, scoring some matching anklets (again, as you do in Cali) and jumping waves, before we headed to Laguna, which was STUNNING. We spent forever on the beach, and I got a stellar tan. On our drive back, we stopped at a candy shop before we went back to our hotel, washed the sand out of the places that you only discover because where’s SAND IN THEM, and got dressed up for a nice dinner and some evening shopping.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)IMG_7046IMG_6957

Our last day, we wanted to tour the Downtown L.A. area, and see Venice Beach. We spent some time walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, got lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, and explored Venice Beach, where we snagged some ice cream and shopped around before leaving to go back to Idaho.

IMG_6959FullSizeRender (3)IMG_6992IMG_7066

Okay now seriously, I’m tired of winter and ya girl needs a new vacay. Where should I go next??

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