Colorado Trip Synopsis

I’m taking a day trip to McCall this weekend, and dreaming of taking a month long vacay on the beach, but I’ll settle for my little trips. I’ve taken a few to Idaho and Utah the last few months to meet new family and friends, but I’m in desperate need of a serious vacation and shopping trip… In lieu of that, I thought I’d share about my Colorado trip, since I’m seriously lagging when it comes to writing about my trips I’ve taken as of late.

I left for Denver September 30th. It was a spur of the moment trip that I took with my dad and it was AWESOME. We flew out in the morning, and landed, heading directly to my uncle’s house. We snatched an Uber to get from the airport to our destination in Downtown Denver, and halfway through our drive realized that we got in the wrong car, which was a great start to our very eventful trip. We finally made it to where we needed to go, and rushed to Coors Field, grabbing some electric scooters to get there, to catch a Rockies game. When I was younger, growing up in Denver, we would go to Rockies games all the time, and being there brought back so many feelings of nostalgia. After the game, which the Rockies won, we took a tour of the booming Downtown Denver, which has grown exponentially since I lived there. I coasted on some electric scooters with my dad, until the scooters died and we had to walk back. After that we enjoyed a nice dinner and games with our family, and went to bed.


The next day, we took a trip straight down Nostalgia Avenue, visiting my old elementary school, and the old apartments I grew up in. We took a lite-rail and did a bit of shopping and touring the city before heading to Bronco Stadium for pre-game before the Broncos game. The fellas enjoyed the game, and I got some good Chinese food with some quality ladies before turning in for the night.

IMG_7726IMG_7735FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)IMG_7780IMG_7758

We left the next day, and got to the airport late, barely making last call for our flight, and had a pleasant trip back to Boise. A quick trip, but totally worth it!

Where is your favorite place in the states to travel?


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