How To: Find Your Personal Style

Ever since I was little, I was FASCINATED with the fashion world. In February, while everyone got excited about the Super Bowl, I was gearing up for another Oscars season, anticipating what all the beautiful actresses and stars would be wearing. My mom bought me games, design sketch pads and mini styling mannequins to help me quench my thirst for fashion and design. I’ve been through a lot of career path changes since then, and I’ve finally discovered a path that I can take that involves my love of fashion, my passion for writing, and my knack for website design and content creation.

Taking that path has included pursuing a personal and deeper relationship with fashion. And in doing so, I’ve had an adventure, and a challenge, in finding my own personal style.

One of the great things about fashion, in my opinion, is that it’s like art, and your body is the canvas. Every person, an artist, gets to tell a story, or share a small piece of their heart and mind with everyone who sees them. I’ve gone through a slew of styles to find the one I’ve settled on, and I’m still spending every day perfecting it.

I’ve spent a crazy amount of time doing research, watching documentaries, and scrolling Pinterest to find exactly the look I’m going for. I’ve gone through many “phases” if you would. I’ve taken inspiration from the Seattle Grunge Scene, I’ve gone through the California Beach Scene, and even the Lazy College Student Scene, before finally settling on my own version of a Modern Audrey Hepburn Scene. Here are my tips and tricks for finding your own style, and how to maybe even do so on a budget.


Don’t Feel Like You Have To Settle On Just One Style

That’s what’s so cool about fashion! No one is making you stick to just one style. Fashion is art, and you can pick any sort of styles and try it out. Part of finding and narrowing down your favorite style for your own personality is trying out lots of different outfits and staple pieces to find exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. From there, you can mix and match from your favorite different styles.

 Be Prepared To Experiment!

Sometimes, it’s trial by fire. I adore the boho chic look, but I’ve learned from experience that it’s not a look suited to my body type and THAT’S OKAY! A huge part of the process of finding what works best for YOU is learning and trying new things and growing!

Step Outside The Box

Your personal style is just that. Personal… to you and you alone. Often, it takes stepping out of the box and not being afraid to try something risky, daring, or out of the ordinary in order for you to find what works best for you.

Mix Patterns, Styles, and Statement Pieces

Mix things up! Finding different patterns, styles, and pieces can help you know what works best, and can help you to express yourself. That’s what fashion is, after all, is an expression of one’s self. And if that means mixing things that wouldn’t normally go together, then so be it!

Know Your Body, Know Yourself

There is nothing more frustrating to me than when I go to a store, find a piece that I adore, try it on, and realize that it is definitely NOT suited for my body type. This has been really hard for me for a long time. I’m short, petite, but also have some curves, which makes for tough shopping trips. Finding things that fit my body type properly is a huge challenge, but helps immensely in feeling amazing when I put on an outfit. Know what works for you and what doesn’t, and know that just because you can or can’t fit into certain things doesn’t make you any less beautiful or amazing. You are uniquely beautiful, and your clothes should make you feel that too.

Avoid Falling For Fads

I often fall victim to this- falling for fads. Though cute at the time, in a year, when the fad is gone, you’ll have spent money on something that isn’t even “in” anymore. Don’t let yourself fall victim to fads. They will only bring you a waste of money and clothes or accessories that you keep for a few years and then throw out once the fad is over.

Find Some Staple, Go-To ItemsThis is SO HELPFUL when it comes to finding your personal style. Having five or six go-to items that you can then accessorize or change makes getting dressed so much easier, and cheaper. Having style, or being fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive. Your favorite top, jacket, or pair of pants can be worn so many different ways, with the right accessories, and every outfit would still look so different and unique.

Be Yourself!

If I can give any advice, warranted or not, when it comes to style, it’s to be yourself. Fashion should be FUN for you, and done only for you. Your own style should be fun for you and done only for your pleasure and acceptance, and no one else’s. Don’t lose yourself or who you are when you develop your style. Rather, let it be a beautiful and unique representation of who you are, and remember, no one is the same, and neither is their fashion sense. Just be you, and your beauty will radiate from the inside out.

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