New York Honeymoon Trip Synopsis

Well, it’s been four months, and I’ve finally (not really) come down from the excitement of getting married and going on my honeymoon! It’s been a wild ride since. We’ve had some health scares, new jobs, new vlogs, and everything in between. But I want to take some time to talk about my amazing trip (honeymoon) to my favorite place in the whole world – New York City. 

I’ve had a love affair with New York for as long as I can remember, so when Dallin (my husband… hehe, still love saying that, probably won’t stop – sorry!) suggested we honeymoon in New York City, I almost passed out from excitement. 

Our first day was hectic, in fact, most things were hectic, but that’s what made it so much fun! Our flight into JFK was delayed by almost 5 hours, and we ended up flying into Newark instead. Regardless, we bought a train ticket and rode into Brooklyn, where we ended up walking nearly 20 miles to get to our AirBnB in Brooklyn because we got off at the wrong station (rookie mistake!) Once we finally made it to our AirBnB, we got settled and decided to head into Greenwich Village to explore. We stopped at the NYU campus, and Washington Square park to see the Washington Square Arch. We were starving after that, and decided to turn into the first restaurant we saw that looked good. We were lucky, and almost immediately found an amazing sushi place called Miyabi that had some GREAT Miso Soup. We continued to explore a bit more after that, and stopped into World’s Best Cookie Dough and ate cookie dough like ice cream before calling it a night and taking the subway back to the AirBnB. 

The next day, we woke up late and headed to the World Trade Center. We stopped for breakfast bagels from a street vendor before we spent some time at Ground Zero, and the 911 Memorial. (Which, by the way, is one of the coolest, most incredible places in New York and I would highly recommend taking a few hours out of your visit to check it out because man, it’s absolutely worth it.) After that, we took the subway to the famous Canal Street where we enjoyed the shops along the street before getting caught in a rainstorm. We had to catch a Broadway play at 7:30 that evening across town, and we immediately got SOAKED from the rainstorm. We ran into a local pizzeria (Champion Pizza), and tried to wait for the rain to end, before discovering that the storm wasn’t expected to end until 7 that night. We decided to try and find an umbrella instead and got stuck running from shop to shop until we finally found a store selling umbrellas and found refuge. We decided to spoil ourselves a bit after that, and made our way to Fifth Avenue to shop and buy ourselves some new, non-rain-soaked clothes. As we were checking out, we realized that our play started in ten minutes and we needed to get to Times Square asap. We ran all the way to Times Square and made it in time to see our play. The show was INCREDIBLE and totally blew us away! Afterwards, we toured Times Square, ate some dinner, and enjoyed some cheesecake at Junior’s Cheesecake before we called it for the night. 

Day three, we woke up late (again) and got ready. It was a colder day, and we headed into SoHo to do some shopping. We stopped at the Fellini Cafe for lunch and went to Battery Park. We stopped at Starbucks, and then took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, where we walked around the island, before taking a nap on the island, and then heading back to the city, where we did some more shopping – stopping at the Steve Madden flagship store, and visited some comic book shops. After that, we rode the train into Astoria (one of the most amazing places in New York.) The view is amazing, and it’s so quaint, and quiet compared to the noise of the big city. We enjoyed the Museum of the Moving Image, stopped to eat dinner at Artichoke, an AMAZING pizza shop based in Astoria, rode back into Times Square to see a movie, and made it home around 3 am. 

The next day, of course, we slept in. When we finally got out, we rode into Central Park and had sandwiches in the park before we made our way back to the Museum of Natural History and spent quite a bit of time there. We walked through Central Park to the Upper East Side, and walked through the MET, which was elegant and amazing and so incredible, and we only made it through about a quarter of it. We went to Fifth Ave where we (and by we, I mean I) enjoyed Saks Fifth Avenue. We walked to Kate Spade where I bought a necklace, and stopped at the Ralph Lauren truck to grab some quick refreshments before taking the train back to the World Trade Center  and had sushi at JR Sushi. We walked to Brookfield Place, where we took a 1929 Schooner on the Hudson for a night-time tour of New York City and its view. When we made it back, we took a Lyft to Insomnia Cookies and grabbed some sweet treats to eat in bed. 

Day five, of course, we slept in again, and got ready. We walked to Walgreens and grabbed some blister band aids and walked to Dunkin’ Donuts so that Dallin could pop the blisters on my toes before we did anymore walking for the day. After that, we took the Sub back to SoHo (one of our fave places in the city.) After our adventure in SoHo, we walked toward Fifth Avenue again where we toured the Top of Rock at the Rockefeller Center. Afterwards, we had our tour, we walked to the Empire State Building and toured the top so we could see the city at night. After that, we made our way to Greenwich for a late dinner and some late night jazz shows. 

Our last day wasn’t much of a day, we took a few trains to get to Newark, and flew back out to Boise and had a good night’s rest when we got back. 


New York continues to be my favorite place, despite its unpredictability and craziness. And it was totally the best option for my honeymoon. I loved every single bit of it! 

Thanks, as always, for reading, I hope you enjoy. 


What would you like to read about next??

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